Friday, September 23, 2016

Outfit: Take me to the next whiskey bar.

Studded leather vest: Zara || Indian tunic dress: Local festival || Cactus Rose Boots: Spell Designs

Some 70s vibes for this Friday, this indian printed dress made of a very light weight silk fabric is the best dress for the very hot days - it couldn't get much airier and flowier. I got it from a seller at a local festival and this one is by far my favorite because of its golden/brown colors on dark blue ground. It's very 70s vintage looking and scarf design inspired and I love it together with leather! Here I went for a layering combination with my studded faux leather vest I got secondhand (originally from Zara some years ago) which brings some Rock 'n' Roll to the whole outfit. Aaaaand of course some western boots, I usually pick them when they're worn with most of my dresses :-)

Love xx

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Outfit: Summer's almost gone, almost gone.

Tie dye shirt: Rat and Boa || Biker tee: Urban Outfitters || Necklaces: Vintage || Studded denim shorts: Zara || Studded western belt: Topshop || Cactus Rose boots: Spell Designs

Summer's really almost gone, but fortunately here in Germany the weather is still very very hot - probably fall will still come fast enough. Here I'm wearing one of my most worn comfy looks this summer, I really love the combination of the orange/blue tie dye shirt and the biker tee, because they match so perfectly. It's a very laid-back look you can easily imagine being worn during road trips, festivals and even at the beach. The look got some 70s, some biker and some western elements in it, they go great together.

Love x

Monday, September 19, 2016

Outfit: Hard wired to self destruct.

Plaid flannel shirt: Urban Outfitters || Lace top: eBay (old) || Fringed shorts: H&M || Gypsy Rocker boots: Spell Designs || Jewelry: Vintage || Double buckle western belt: ASOS

Today I'm getting a bit more grungy again with a look I really can call my basic signature look for every day. I love love love flannel shirts ever since I can remember, they literally go with everything, they never get old and they're fucking cozy and soft! I like them most when they're oversized and extra soft, so I usually size a few sizes up when I buy a new flannel. My favorites are from Urban Outfitters, because they got the nicest patterns and color ways and their quality can't be beaten. They're also the softest. This green one is some kind of homage for Mr. Kurt Cobain haha - it's my favorite one so far, too. I combined it with a sheer lacey top I really like and some very comfortable fringed shorts I got at H&M last year. When it comes to the accessories I went for lots of silver like my tribal miao necklace layered with a feather pendant, my double buckle western belt, lots of ethnic bracelets and rings and my western biker boots. It's already an early fall look, so be prepared for more grungier looks to come within the next weeks. :-)

Love x

Friday, September 16, 2016

Outfit: May my heart be kind, my mind fierce and my spirit brave.

Embroidered mirrored velvet waistcoat: Reclaimed Vintage via ASOS || Paisley 70s printed tunic dress: Secondhand || Cactus Rose boots: Spell Designs || Indian jewelry: Vintage (similar on Etsy or eBay)

No it couldn't get more 70s and indian inspired today I think haha - embroidered velvet has become one of my signature looks, it's always looking great. I bought this stunning vest a few months ago on the ASOS website, it immediately reminded me of the old afghan vests Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and other 60s-70s rockstars wore, it's a timeless design. The best thing about embroidery is actually you can still combine it with prints without looking ridiculous or too much, it simply matches. I bought this tunic dress at a secondhand store in my home town and I loved its indian inspired print. It's still not too colorful or bright colored in general which makes it to one of those pieces that go with almost everything for all occasions. This look for example can be worn as a day look or as a look for a party at night aswell. I tend to wear those kinds of outfits that can be day/night looks at the same time almost every day (minus my comfy flannel shirt and grungy days which are.. ok pretty often :D ), because they always express yourself much more than basic looks and they're real eyecatchers. It's not because I'm too lazy to change or go to parties almost every night. The reason is they show way more individuality and you have so much more creative room what I love! :-)

Love xx

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Outfit: Kisses of yesterday.

Embroidered and studded leather jacket: ASOS || Fringed biker tee & Jamie ripped knee jeans: Topshop (last year) || Platform boots: Vagabond || Necklaces & rings: Vintage 

How to make a studded leather jacket even edgier? Right, add some embroidery. This perfect jacket was immediately sold out on the ASOS website and I got the last one, fortunately in my size. It's obviously very Gucci inspired, they created a very similar one. The only difference is that the ASOS jacket was definitely much more affordable haha - it's such a stunning piece. In my opinion you can never have enough leather jackets and maybe some of you know that even while it's fucking hot outside we still throw our leather over, because it simply rocks and during the night sometimes it gets colder, too. I combined it with a vintage style fringed tee and some ripped high-waist skinny jeans I ordered both from Topshop last year. Embroidered statement jackets always look great with basic pieces, so the full focus is on the jacket. It can easily look a bit too much combined with many prints or other statement pieces. I added some tribal necklaces (I always prefer layered pendants while wearing heavier jackets), my navajo and indian rings and platform boots to finish the look.

Love x